Queen of the Furrow

About halfway in between Montreal and Toronto we stopped at a little diner where Sarah had a humungous tuna salad (they do their salads big in North America).

We perused the local paper which had a feature story on prostitution in this small farming area (drugs are a problem).

We also came across the […]

Toronto – The return

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When we arrived in Toronto the first time around, a little tourist weary and looking for a rest, the city didn’t feel as bustling as we thought it would, or packed with obvious sightseeing destinations.

It’s a good thing we had time to come back and dig a little […]

Ottawa – If you like Canberra…

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Having spent my formative years in Canberra I immediately felt at home in Ottawa. We stayed in a B&B in the embassy district owned by an Australian called Carole who had that self-assured manner of many a grey-haired baby boomer. The B&B was located on Goulburn street. How Australian can […]

Quebec city – an ode to poutine

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I’m sure there’s more to Quebec than the old walled town, but we didn’t see a great much of that, and really, why would you bother when this sumptuously historic artefact, the only remaining walled city left north of Mexico, perched above the St Lawrence river.

True, we […]

Montreal: We speak French good

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Montreal has at various times been the capital and largest city in Canada. It is proudly French speaking although not at virulently so as Quebec City. Sarah had an encounter with a parking inspector that was purely French (not that we speak it). Luckily he was a Nicole […]

Toronto: Back to the big city

Sarah has visited Canada a few times but had never been to Toronto before.  People advised her that it was just another big city like Sydney.  It’s not really like Sydney, but I can see their point.  There is nothing that really grabs you about Toronto.  It seems like a decent place to live, […]

Why why would you go to Winnipeg?

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Winnipeg is lumped in the same basket as Saskatoon. A flat prairie town in the middle of the not unattractive farming country known as the central Canadian void. Winnipeg is a long way from any other big Canadian city. It’s a 15 hour drive to Calgary and a […]

Why would you go to Saskatoon?

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The prairies get a bad wrap from other Canadians. The general consensus is that they are flat and boring, although a lot have never actually been to the middle of their country. Those that have tell of days of monotonous driving across not featureless but drearily similar landscape […]

Cow town: idyllic days in Calgary

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Calgary is famous for its beef. We had such a good steak sandwich here. In Australia they use shitty offcuts for a steak sandwich that are grizzly and tough, hoping that smothering it in onions and BBQ sauce will distract from the gristle and toughness of the meat. In […]

River deep, mountain high

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This will be a simile-laden post because it’s about The Rockies, and the only way to even attempt to convey their grandness is through comparison to something else. Even the copious photos we have taken don’t fully convey […]