Dubai – Shoppers paradise

Full set of United Arab Emirates photos can be found here

Going from Africa to Dubai is the travel equivalent of bingeing on a big bag of lollies and feeling slightly queasy afterwards. The taxis are brand new and have meters! We got a special pink roofed taxi from the airport signifying a female driver. […]

Dar es Salaam – Haven of Sweat

Full set of Dar es Salaam photos are here

I’ll start with Dar es Salaam at the beginning of the end. We had been going through Dar regularly as we came and went from different parts of Tanzania. We were flying out of Dar from the underwhelming airport but first we had to trek all […]

Mbeya and the Southern Highlands

Full set of Mbeya photos can be found here

The journey from Arusha in the north of Tanzania to Mbeya in the south was a long one, spanning a few days, but without incident, which on African roads is a blessing. As the stork flies it would be simple, just head straight south. This […]