Mikumi photos

Here’s the complete set of Mikumi photos

Here’s the complete set of Mikumi photos

Zanzibar – Heaven on a cinnamon stick

Full set of Zanzibar photos here

Zanzibar’s Stone Town is like a good blend of spices. Its narrow twisting streets have been influenced by Indians, Arabs and of course mainland Africa but the result is something different to all these cultures. Black Africans have become Muslim and blended with Indian influence, notably the food, to […]

Mikumi – Giraffe, zebra, baboon, oh my!

Full set of photos are here

We flew from Kigali to Dar es Salaam which we had not heard positive things about. Whenever we hear this it makes us think it will be like Accra in Ghana which was polluted, crowded and not a great place to hang out. It was a nice surprise to […]

Kigali and Nyamata – The horror

This post is about the Rwandan genocide. It is grim reading in parts and parental discretion is advised. If you don’t want these disturbing images in your head you might want to skip this one.

The church at the small town of Nyamata, 30 kilometres south of Kigali, has pews covered in piles of […]

Lake Kivu – It’s voluminous

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Lake Kivu is a common spot for people to unwind after the gorilla trek and for good reason. The green, hilly lake foreshore is so relaxed and pretty that doing anything strenuous seems pointless. We stayed in a presbyterian guesthouse which was ridiculously cheap with an […]

Kinigi – Land of a thousand hills

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They call Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. There is room in the country for precisely these thousand. It is all hill. Leaving Kigali you immediately climb into a landscape not dissimilar to the Great Dividing Range in Australia, even down to the masses of gum trees […]