Dar es Salaam – Haven of Sweat

Full set of Dar es Salaam photos are here

I’ll start with Dar es Salaam at the beginning of the end. We had been going through Dar regularly as we came and went from different parts of Tanzania. We were flying out of Dar from the underwhelming airport but first we had to trek all […]

Mbeya and the Southern Highlands

Full set of Mbeya photos can be found here

The journey from Arusha in the north of Tanzania to Mbeya in the south was a long one, spanning a few days, but without incident, which on African roads is a blessing. As the stork flies it would be simple, just head straight south. This […]

Safari and Usambara photos

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, over 700 photos and video of Tanzania, carefully groomed to weed out the blurred and dull. There are some hidden gems in here but I understand if you don’t have time. Dive in when you have a spare moment.

Arusha, Taragire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater safari photos


Longido – Low Kili

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Even in Arusha Mount Kilimanjaro lurks just over the horizon, the highest mountain in Africa lurching from the flat plains that surround it. Its image is emblazoned everywhere, from water bottles to the local beer and shop signs. We were lucky not to be climbing it. If […]

Arusha and the Northern safari circuit – The slap

The full set of safari photos can be found here

We started our animal pageantry in a hotel at Arusha, the town most used as the base for the northern safari circuit in Tanzania. The hotel has a large lush garden populated by a sleepy dog, Skippy, and his unusual companion, a crested crane called […]

Usambara mountains – Mambo fresh

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At the Mafia Island airport we met some fellow Australian travellers from Adelaide, Katie and Ty. Ty has a Sudanese father and Australian mother. Ty and Katie had both been in South Sudan visiting him. We generally avoid Aussie tourists but these guys seemed like good eggs […]

Mafia Island – Doing the snork

Full set of Mafia photos are here

Sarah loves lying on the beach in the sun. This is a sad irony for a redhead whose complexion would be more at home in the Scottish highlands extracting the maximum solar energy from the weak light at the extremities of the globe. The tropics has a different […]

Mikumi photos

Here’s the complete set of Mikumi photos

Here’s the complete set of Mikumi photos

Zanzibar – Heaven on a cinnamon stick

Full set of Zanzibar photos here

Zanzibar’s Stone Town is like a good blend of spices. Its narrow twisting streets have been influenced by Indians, Arabs and of course mainland Africa but the result is something different to all these cultures. Black Africans have become Muslim and blended with Indian influence, notably the food, to […]

Mikumi – Giraffe, zebra, baboon, oh my!

Full set of photos are here

We flew from Kigali to Dar es Salaam which we had not heard positive things about. Whenever we hear this it makes us think it will be like Accra in Ghana which was polluted, crowded and not a great place to hang out. It was a nice surprise to […]