Perth: the far side of Australia

Full set of Perth photos

We got our cultural cringe out of the way early at the airport in Denpasar waiting to board our flight to Perth. A more bogan bunch of Aussies would be hard to find and we felt the exoticness of the past year fade away, especially when the news on the […]

Shake, Rattle and Roll

When boarding the Spirit of Tasmania, the ferry taking myself and my car across Bass Strait, there is a security check, which would be strange in its absence these days. They confiscated my gas cylinder so that they could store them with everyone else’s gas cylinder, making a much more exciting explosion should they go […]

Where Hippes Go To Die

I came down from the mountains smelling like a rutting goat, not having had a shower in over a week whilst engaging in sweat inducing exercise. One of the first towns that you come across when driving south is Port Augusta. When Matthew Flinders first came exploring this part of the world he decided to […]

The Yellow-tailed Wallaby Is Not Extinct

The local aborigines have a tale for how the Flinders Ranges came to be. A dreamtime serpent slithered its way across the landscape, causing the massive ridges to jut out. I think a more plausible explanation is that the giant shark that lives in the centre of the earth mistook Australia for a seal and […]

Slag Heap City

Broken Hill reminds me of Edinburgh in one aspect only. Both are dominated by imperious hills. Edinburgh has its castle overlooking the town, and Broken Hill has a huge slag heap with a visitors centre on top. Here the similarity between the two places stumbles. A sculpture on top of the slag heap is a […]

The Mysterious Heart

Australia has long been a source of mystery for most of the world. Even before any European had ventured this far south there were theories of a Great Southern Land. It was thought that there needed to be something to balance the planet properly. When the early sea explorers finally bumped into Australia, its final […]