Return to Havana

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We didn’t get a really good look at Havana the first time around. Sure, we walked along the Malecon (a sea wall that stretches along the harbour front), we got scammed, had a nice dinner overlooking the fort and got an afternoon of Afro Cuban drumming across the […]

Vinales – Red dirt and tobacco

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Sarah has a rational fear of flying Cubana Air. They have an appalling safety record and have a fleet of Russian Yak planes, one of which was involved in the recent crash that killed Russia’s ice hockey team resulting in that type of plane being banned […]

Santiago de Cuba – The music never stops

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We arrived at the Bayamo bus station after a 90 minute taxi ride from the Sierra Maestra over typically rough Cuban roads with an hour before the Viazul bus arrived. Viazul is the tourist bus service, priced a little too high for the locals to use […]

Bayamo and the Sierra Maestra

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If you’re going to start a revolution in a very hot climate it makes sense to me to set up your base in the mountains. That’s sure as hell what I would do. No slogging it out on the hot plains for me, I would […]

Camaguey – Town of the pirate maze streets

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The latest men’s fashion tip from Cuba, especially for those blessed with a beer belly, is to pull your shirt above the beer belly and wander around with your fat proudly displayed. In a hot climate this is imminently sensible but be sure to have a […]

Trinidad and La Boca – From Jesus to Elvis

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We arrived in Cuba desperately needing a break, which sounds odd after having a six week holiday through North America, but even just being a tourist can be tiring and those long days in the Californian National Parks took their toll. So rather than […]

Havana – Home to gold medal scammers

Full set of Havana photos are here

Cuba immediately lived up to stereotypes. After being waved through immigration by incredibly glamorous customs officials we changed some money, bought a map and jumped in a taxi. The taxi got about ten metres from the airport before breaking down. We were not in some cool 50s Cadillac […]