Mcleodganj: Hanging with the hippies

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From Amritsar we switched from ordeal by train to taxi. There are not as many train options to head into the mountains and a car taking us to Mcleodganj was reasonably priced – but where the train at least glides smoothly through the landscape, the roads in India take […]

Amritsar, India: Golden Town

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Turkey was great fun and easy to travel in. This does not make for particularly interesting reading. Drama and suffering make much more compelling topics for art. There are not many successful artistic depictions of happiness, so while Turkey was a good experience, writing about […]

Agra, India: Tajarific

Agra is synonymous with the Taj Mahal, but I don’t want to take you there just yet as there is more to see in Agra than just that. We arrived at the train station in the middle of a very hot day and got an official taxi (non-air conditioned) driven by a guy who […]

Delhi, India – No time to dilly dally

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It is no surprise to me now that India has so many novelists. Stories ooze from the pores of this country. With over a billion people and 300 million Hindu gods, the streets are full of life: wandering cows, rickshaw riders, chai wallahs, lime soda stands, spice sellers […]