Bacon brother killed

On arrival in Vancouver the headlines said boldly “Bacon brother killed”.  It seems a branch of the Bacon family took a wrong turn sometime ago in Canada and are famous for being gang members.  The Bacon brothers have had a price on their head for sometime.

We had a hell of a time renting a car in Vancouver.  The first time we tried they told us that we needed our Australian licence as well as our international drivers licence.  The first counter guy we got was willing to overlook this but our debit credit card was not accepted, we believed because it didn’t have enough money in the account.

So we topped up the card with some money and returned to the airport car rental counter after Vancouver to try our luck again.  This time Avis flatout refused to rent us a car without our local licence.  We found another mob that would overlook this but were then told that debit credit cards are not accepted at all, even if we have copious amounts of money to offer them.

Sarah’s Mum kindly express posted a licence and credit card to us in Vancouver and we headed downtown with confidence but were told that we needed the licence and credit card to be in the same name (we were using Sarah’s licence and my credit card).  At this point the desk jockey said that they have to be careful who they rent cars to as there are a lot of gangsters around.  They sometimes find used shell casings in the cars.

Then it clicked.  I am a Bacon brother.  There was probably a red flashing light on the computer when I booked under that name, or at the very least sirens in the rental clerk’s head.  We must have looked desperate because the desk jockey took pity on us.  A Wellington native he said “I’ll overlook it this time.  You two seem ok.”

I might have to take Sarah’s name while I’m in Canada lest there is a more deadly case of mistaken identity.

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